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About Careers Guaranteed

Careers Guaranteed was started by three friends who realized that typical job search sites simply weren't the most effective way to advance a career. With thousands of anonymous, unknown, and perhaps unqualified people flooding companies with resumes, the system was definitely broken. Both job seekers and hiring managers needed a better way to work. Over a late-night sushi dinner, the idea for Careers Guaranteed was born.

Our Management Team

Ken Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Ken Lee has more than 10 years of experience in the human resources field. His experience includes consulting with Fortune 500 companies about effective hiring practices and coaching new college graduates on resume writing and interviewing skills. Ken is also a tri-athlete and mountain biker.

Tina Russo, Chief Technology Officer

Tina Russo has served in executive-level technology positions in several major companies. Tina wrote her first computer program at the age of 7 and started her first technology company at the age of 17. She also plays keyboard in a local band and owns a large collection of vintage synthesizers.

Nelson Ferraz, VP of Marketing

Nelson Ferraz has 15 years of experience in all aspects of marketing. He previously held positions at major technology, financial, and healthcare organizations. Nelson also serves on the board of several area non-profit organizations.